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The Step platform aims to change the way signposting advice and referrals are done across the sector, and make trawling through lists and directories a thing of the past. With the Step tool, by inputting some key information about a client's situation and needs, an advisor instantly receives a set of intelligently selected recommendations tailored to the client's needs, which can be discussed and shared with the client as a personalized help plan. Step means any advisor can now give expert-level signposting advice in minutes, and ensure that their clients have the best possible specialist support, whatever their needs may be.

Behind Step's intelligent advice tool lies the most comprehensive mapping of UK services, groups and resources currently available. But rather than relying on a large team of researchers - the Step engine crawls the web in search of information. Then, using advanced natural language processing algorithms, automatically interprets any content into usable data, only relying on human intervention where it finds conflicting or ambiguous information.

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We're working on the next generation of web software for the not-for-profit sector. Taking the best of commercial technologies and practice, we're designing and building intelligent tools that help you to improve the service you're offering, at lower cost.

Strategic consultancy

If you have difficult decisions to make, a big project, or just want to make sure you're not missing out on opportunities to leverage the latest tools, we have both the tech experience and an in-depth understanding of business and organizational issues required to help you make smarter decisions.

Application development

If you have a great idea for a tech project but don't have the in-house resources to make it possible, get in touch. We specialise in bespoke, web-based applications, and can work with you through the entire process - from business analysis to launch.

About Triangle

Technology has huge potential to transform what we do. Yet as most organizations have found out, making that a reality is harder than it looks. Commercial software promises great things, but it's rarely suited to the complex requirements that most not-for-profit organizations have. Similarly, whilst custom built apps provide a better fit, few organizations have the resources or expertise to build something truly game-changing.

We change that story by creating cutting edge software that's designed for the challenges common to non-profits, whilst building in a high level of customizability to fit your processes and specific situation. Though it's not just our tech that's great. We also focus on analysing and understanding business and organizational issues, which enables us to ensure you don't just get a clever tool: we provide solutions that save you money, improve your service, and take your organization to the next level.

Our Values

Work in partnership

Whilst the not-for-profit world is highly diverse, we see huge opportunity for organizations to work together to solve common problems that no single organization can do. Our aim is to identify those opportunities, connect our capabilities with the knowledge of the sector experts, and work together in delivering revolutionary software.

Think big

There's amazing things going on in the not-for-profit sector, but few organizations have the resources to focus on a big picture vision for what could be possible across the sector. We're stepping into that role, and connecting the latest technologies and best practice from the commercial sector, designing powerful solutions that can change what's possible.

Deliver change, not just technology

Technology can be great, but many projects fail to deliver the benefits hoped for. At Triangle, we focus first on ensuring any solution we provide delivers real, measurable impact through our experience, deep understanding of wider organizational issues and prioritization of value-bringing features over the latest flashy technology.

Interested in working together?

Triangle are a web application development and business consultancy agency based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Whilst we are primarily oriented on projects for charities and not for profit organizations, we also undertake commercial and corporate work across the UK when available. Our team is small, but we work flexibly - expanding our available resources with a small pool of trusted 3rd party developers where additional resources or specialist expertise is required. This allows us to provide you with a first class service at lower costs as we only pay for specialist skills on demand.

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